My experience of Google Code-In and the FOSSASIA organisation



Hello there! My name isVishwajeet Mungase. I currently study in 8th standard. My school’s name is Jnana Prabodhini Navanagar Vidyalay ,Nigdi.

I have been fascinating computer’s, mobiles, software’s and lot more since my childhood. It always attracted me with its wonders.

As I got 13, I was sure to take part in any Google’s competition. When I was surfing net I got the I about Google Code-In Contest. Within a minute I registered to it.

I am too much excited about it. Until now I have completed 4 tasks and this one’s fifth ! I am further excited about the next task I want to claim. Firstly I claimed the project created by Cartrobat.

1) Introduce yourself with a Cartrobat program created with the pocket code Android app.

2) Create an educational app to teach some characters from your mother tongue using pocket code app.

3) Git: Learn Git from

4) Learn about FOSSASIA Projects, Become a Member, Join Community Channels

5) Blog A: write a blog article about your participation in the Google code in contest and add a picture andintroduction

SUSI.AI is a machine learning embedded, artificial intelligent personal assistant, robot, help desk and chat bot. SUSI.AI already runs on many chat services and social networks. SUSI.AI is available for any android, iOS device and also you can access the web chat application from this URL👇


Now speaking about the Open Source applications that I have installed on my android mobile is the same mentioned above –  SUSI.AI. On my computer I have installed the GIMP, Blender. FOSSASIA community fascinated me a lot right when I first visited it. I would like if the community will help me in learning languages like C# and Android Kotlin. I would also like to go to the Science Hack Labs, I will be it will be in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

FOSSASIA is actually a non-profit organization. I am greatly influenced by its aim -“To support social change through free software”.

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. FOSS is a boon for beginners of Software Development. FOSSASIA was introduced to me on Google Code-inwebsite. From then I sought out for the organization. FOSSASIA is trying hard over many projects. Phimp.meSUSPER search engineLokLak Social Search and SUSI.AIare some of its projects that have fascinated me. is an all in one image app. It includes tones of features. we can Click beautiful images using the app.

To contact the FOSSASIA org ,I mostly visit to the org’s Chat blog. It’s always interesting to chat in the blog.I’ve also visited the organisation’s YouTube channel. I have subscribed the channel too!

The projects and technologies I would like to learn about are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOS and Android App Development and programming languages like Java, C# and C++.

I have decided that I am going to become a Software engineer and developer.

I would like to thanks Google for starting such fabulous contests. I would also like to thanks the FOSSASIA community to give such tasks that will make a student more interested in this field.

Access the following sites with provided links



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